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The Historic Capitol Theatre opened June 10th 1926 and closed in 1964.  It was originally opened and owned by Mr. O.I.Sheely, Dr. Jack Young, and Mr. J. Lee Young, with Mr. Gus Mason as the local manager and later as co-owner of the theatre.  On June 10th, the very first feature was "Charlie's Aunt" starring Sidney Chaplin, Charlie Chaplin's brother.

Gus Mason retired in 1963 from the movie business and pursued other interests.  In 1964 it was believed the theatre closed its doors forever.  Soon after, it was stripped down, walled up, and forgotten.  For the next forty years, various retail businesses were housed in the street front lobby area of the theatre.

In 1998, Ronnie and Debbie Campbell purchased the building and had a department store in the front level until 2003.  Ronnie kept thinking of restoring the theatre to its original appearance.  In October 2004, the cafe and concessions were opened and renovations immediately began on the theatre.  Forty one years later, the wall was removed, and the first live stage show was presented on May 14, 2005.  Forty three years after the original theatre doors were closed, the first movie was shown, Spiderman 3, on May 25, 2007.

Today, the Capitol Theatre is alive and well, capable of multi-functions such as movies, concerts, musicals, drama, seminars, presentations, speakers, dancers, and more.  The Capitol also includes a state of the art projection and sound system.  If you are interested in booking the theatre or have any questions concerning the cafe, please contact Ronnie or Debbie Campbell.


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